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Matched Betting Walkthrough: Overview

With the cost-of-living crisis in full flow, I have decided to run through matched betting once again with a fresh account to try free up some cash.

For those unfamiliar with matched betting, I would recommend looking into my matched betting review which explains the key concepts and what you can achieve. I also have a tutorial video if you prefer a visual!

What do I need to start matched betting?

In order to complete the sign-up offers I need a couple of things:

  • The offers themselves! Now I could search far and wide for all of the sign up offers, or I could have someone else do that for me. I use Profit Accumulator for all of the latest offers. It is worth noting that even though you may find a sign-up offer, it doesn't mean it is the best offer. I have seen many times the homepage of a bookmaker website offer say a £20 free bet, yet a different splash page will offer a £50 free bet. It pays to get the best offer.

  • A subscription to Matched Betting Tools such as Oddsmatching Software & Matched Betting Calculators. Without this, my job would be almost impossible and take a lot longer. Again, I use Profit Accumulator. I have never had any reason to change, their software is spot on.

  • A betting exchange to allow me to bet AGAINST a result. This is how we ensure we get a pay-out even if our bet with the bookmakers loses. I use Smarkets as they only take 2% commission which beats Betfair who take 5%.

  • A bit of spare cash. £100 is a good number to start with. You can start with lower, but it may reduce the profits you can take.

How much am I expecting to make matched betting with the sign-up offers?

It has been a while since I rang through sign-up offers, but I expect to make £800+. Depending on how much time I commit to it, I could do these all in a month, but a more realistic goal would be over a couple of months. You can follow my profits along the way.

Follow along and see what you could do for yourselves. I have set up a Telegram for those who may want notifications when I bet so you can copy, feel free to join:

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