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I have been Matched Betting with the same company since 2014. I can tell you the truth in this Review!

By Nathan Lord

Last Updated: 25 March 2023

Approx Read Time: 5 - 10 Mins

Having first come across the concept of matched betting on a Facebook advertisement by, I watched the video and found the concept interesting but never truly committed to it. 


 - Is matched betting a scam? ...Maybe?

- Is matched betting legal?

- Does matched betting really work?

 - Did I really want to spend my time learning the concept of matched betting and put my money at risk?


At the time the answer was very much NO!

A few months went by, I found myself with some spare time so decided to take another look at matched betting and signed up for a free trial with They stressed they didn't need any card details so struggled to see any way they could benefit from this if it was a scam. This unlocked 2 free offers with Coral and Betfred. Sweet!

Matched Betting Example Bet

I already had a Betfred account so couldn't do their sign up offer, but I guessed that if it works for one (Coral) it will work for others!

So, I followed the tutorial step by step, ensuring I watched each step around 3 times to make sure this was going to work. I remember clearly writing down each possible outcome ensuring there was no way I was going to miss out and all seemed to add up. 

When I first joined there were 2,000 paying members, this has now been said to have exceeded 100,000 paying members! The community forum is HUGE and the support is there when you need it!


“There’s no illegal element to matched betting. It’s a free bet and you can do what you like.”                                  [Source: The Telegraph]


“Matched betting is legal and a spokesperson for William Hill has indicated that the betting industry does not have a problem with this use of free bets”                        [Source: Wikipedia]


How does Matched Betting work?

Although I feel do a great job of explaining the process in detail, below are the basic steps to matched betting. We bet both FOR and AGAINST a result using a Betting Exchange. This means regardless of the outcome of the bet, we get a return either from the bookmaker or the Betting Exchange - this is how we remove the risk! Below I will explain in a little more detail how to do matched betting.

Matched Betting Tutorial Infographic
How does Matched Betting work? | Matched Betting Tutorial

What is Matched Betting?

Bookmakers are always offering sign up bonuses to try create new customers, and ‘reload offers’ to retain existing customers.


The bookmaker market is incredibly competitive which forces them to shower the market with free bets.


With matched betting, we can use these offers to our advantage, sway the odds in our favour, and calculate the perfect bet to profit without risking a single penny!


Matched Betting involves betting on all outcomes of an event and balancing the odds in such a way it guarantees a return. This method is completely risk free as you are covering all possibilities, whether the result comes in or not, you win! It uses free bets credited by the bookmakers, for both new customers and existing customers, in order to generate the profit.

Please may I add and emphasise here, matched betting is both risk-free and also 100% legal (see Is Matched Betting Legal?).


When I first started I did not have the money to be risking it. I chose matched betting because I knew the money was guaranteed back. Look at the search volumes below over time as more and more people begin to get involved! Profit Accumulator had 8,000 members when I first started, now they have had over 100,000 paying customers!

See how Matched Betting interest has increased over time on Google Trends:


How did I come across Matched Betting?

I first came across Matched Betting when I saw an advertisement on Facebook. It gave brief detail on the process so I decided to take a look around! It turns out Profit Accumulator were very good at explaining the key concepts and have got me where I am now!


“There’s no illegal element to matched betting. It’s a free bet and you can do what you like.”

[Source: The Telegraph]


“Matched betting is legal and a spokesperson for William Hill has indicated that the betting industry does not have a problem with this use of free bets”

[Source: Wikipedia]

I knew I wanted to earn some extra money from the comfort of my own home, but I also knew it wouldn’t be straight forward. My name is Nathan and I have now been matched betting for over seven years and expect that to continue long into the future. You’re onto a good thing, trust me!

I intend, over the course of this post to fully explain, with clarity, exactly what matched betting is and the process from start to finish. By the end of this post you will have what you need to make your first profit of £24+. This may not sound life changing, but this is only the beginning.


There are over 75 different bookmakers all with new offers each day ready for us to profit from.


75 x £24 = £1800 (and there are welcome offers with up to £200 bonuses we can cash in on so the potential is so much more!)


The example offer I share is low investment to get the ball rolling; there are bigger profits to be made once we are confident.

The first few sections are aimed at answering some of the more common questions I hear and also questions I had when first looking into matched betting. It is important you understand many of these questions before starting your journey to ensure matched betting is right for you!

What is Matched Betting?
How did I come across Matched Betting?

How much can I earn with Matched Betting?

Some earn £200, some earn £500, some earn £2,000 and some (very few, but it has been proven) earn £5,000 a month!!


It is all dependent on how much time to invest in it.


Personally, I fall somewhere between the £300-£500 bracket now, it used to be more, but with me working full time aside from this. It's still a great income each month, and best of's TAX-FREE!


"Gambling" winnings are not taxable so you can enjoy every last penny of your winnings!

How much can I earn with Matched Betting?

Who is Matched Betting suitable for?

Matched betting is suitable for absolutely anyone looking to make easy cash. It doesn't matter what hours of the day you have spare as you can always place your bets well in advance of the event if necessary. Forums contain people from all walks of life like students, work from home mums, full time workers looking for some beer money and even people who have retired looking to boost their income in their spare time!

Matched betting is NOT gambling, it is simply a system that uses bookmaker offers. Gambling includes risk, that is not what we are about!




What experience do I need to start Matched Betting?

You don't need any previous betting experience whatsoever to be a successful matched bettor. It is simply following instructions in order to bag the profits! are easy to follow and will show you step by step, exactly how it should be done. As long as you can click in the right place and you can create bookmaker accounts you are golden!


In fact, the less bookmaker accounts you own, the more sign up offers you can take advantage of!

Who is Matched Betting suitable for?
What experience do I need to start Matched Betting?
The Simplified Process of Matched Betting

The Simplified Process of Matched Betting

Below is a simplified matched betting example. Don’t worry, the detail will be filled in later in an example bet, I just want you to see it working!

Bookmaker offer: Bet £40, Get £40 Free

Here we must ‘risk’ £40 in order to get our reward of a £40 free bet. Of course with matched betting there is no risk. So how is this done?


Take a coin toss as my favourite way of explaining the process.

We refer to the ‘Bet £40’ as the Qualifier Bet. The bet we must place to qualify for our free bet.

Coin Toss Example

Qualifier Bet

Bet 1 (with the bookmaker): Heads - £40

Bet 2 (with a separate bookmaker/betting exchange): Tails - £40

Whatever the outcome our stake is returned and we are neither in pocket, or out of pocket. We have gained nothing from our qualifier bet, but most importantly, we have lost nothing. We now have a £40 free bet to use and haven’t risked a penny! We have effectively tricked the bookmaker into believing we have met their criteria and the free bet gets credited.

The next part of the bet is the Free Bet. The bet we get credited after our qualifier requirements have been met. This is where the profit is generated!


Free Bet

Bet 1 (with the bookmaker): Heads - £40 Free Bet

Bet 2 (with a separate bookmaker/betting exchange): Tails - £20 of our own money.


Heads: £40 up from the free bet winnings, £20 down from our lost bet on tails leaving us £20 up overall

Tails: Our free bet lost, but it didn’t cost us anything so no loss there. Our £20 bet on tails won however leaving us £20 up overall.

As you can see, whatever the result, we profit £20 without risk! Now simply swap the coin toss example for a sporting example a bookmaker will accept bets on and you now have a basic understanding of matched betting!


Sports Matched Betting Example

Bet 1: England v Wales – FOR England to win.

Bet 2: England v Wales – AGAINST England to win.

That is all there is to it. Four bets split into two parts:

Qualifier Bet – For and Against the result

Free Bet – For and Against the result Tools

Oddsmatching Software

A BIG part of Matched Betting is making sure you chose a good match to bet on. This helps ensure you keep your qualifier losses to a minimum and your free bet profits to a maximum!'s Oddsmatching Software is built in-house and updates LIVE! The idea is to find Back Odds as close to Lay Odds as you can. If you can get the Lay Odds less then you are laughing!

Profit Accumulator Oddsmatching Software

Matched Betting Calculator

Once you have found your match, how much money do you place on the FOR and AGAINST to eliminate the risk? There is a fine balance and that is where the's Matched Betting Calculator comes in! Again, this is built in-house and works perfectly!


Simply click on the calculator symbol next to your match and it will automatically populate all of the odds, along with the % commission the Betting Exchanges will take. The calculator tells you your profits before the match/race has even started!


I place my bets in the morning when I can and let them unfold throughout the day knowing exactly how much money I was bringing in!

Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Calculator

Matched Betting Video Tutorials

It's been a while since I have watched these Matched Betting Video Tutorials, they very much seem a thing of the past! Once you get to grips with the system you won't need these but when you are new they are GOLD! These are the videos you will watch and pause a million times, these videos will take you to your first profits and prove the system. I cannot rate higher for their tutorials, both written instructions and of course the videos.

Profit Accumulator Betfred Free Trial Bet
Profit Accumulator Pros Pros

  • Almost completely RISK-FREE. The ONLY risk here is human error. The system is flawless - just be careful!

  • FREE TRIAL - Give it a go for free, it won't cost you anything to find out!

  • Tools - have a large array of tools to help make Matched Betting Better! (Oddsmatching Software, Calculators, AccaCatcher and more...)

  • After sign-ups - It isn't all over once you have done the signup offers - existing customer offers are lucrative too!

  • Flexibility - Do this as and when you please. Take it at your own pace and enjoy it!

  • Support - You have me and the Forums for support to help you along the way, use us! (Comments section below) Cons

  • Time - It takes some learning. Not going to lie to you, give it some time and be confident in the process. If it was too easy everyone would be doing it. People are lazy and don't want to learn. have developed many tools to help make matched betting easier than ever! Certainly easier than when I first started!

  • It takes investment - Not much, I started with £150 but you can take it at your own pace, it may just lower to overall profits if you can't invest as much

Profit Accumulator Cons
Profit Accumulator Tools
Oddsmatching Software
Matched Betting Calculator
Matched Betting Video Tutorial | Profit Accumulator Review
Profit Accumulator Pros
Profit Accumulator Cons Review Rating: 4.5/5 tools are fantastic and the support from the community is incredible!


£29.99 per month can seem a bit expensive but for the return you get I have never been concerned about paying up. It is more of an investment than an expense!

If you are wanting to start matched betting there is no company out there better to help you through your journey and really make the most out of every offer! Discount

Profit Accumulator Review Rating
Matched Betting Video Tutorial

Matched Betting Video Tutorial


"Submissions are restricted, so I'll say this here. This sh*t really works. Nathan, you should be getting your cut of my Profit Accumulator Subscription over the next however many months I'll be doing this. If you're ever in the middle of London mate I owe you a drink, or three.

I started on 10th April, and in the intervening 18 days I have made a net profit of £602.23. I'd add a couple of things to your list of tips if I may. First, the more money you can use for cashflow at the beginning, the better. Everything is profitable on the sign up offers, but it's all about covering liabilities at the exchange. The more you can put aside for a few days, the higher odds you can go for on your free bets, and the greater you can exploit those free bets for cold, hard cash."


—  sosr, Reddit [/r/WorkFromHomeUK]


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