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Matched Betting Spreadsheet with Matched Betting Calculator

Below is a FREE copy of my Matched Betting Spreadsheet. It comes with the Matched Betting Calculator I created for ease. The spreadsheet is always open so may as well have the calculator there!

Why use a Matched Betting Spreadsheet?

A matched betting spreadsheet is VITAL! No doubt about it. When you are matched betting you need to keep on top of where your money is and how much you are earning. A spreadsheet it the only real way to manage this. My free matched betting spreadsheet contains a "Profit&Loss" section, this is the main section that manages all bets. It also contains useful sections such as:

  • Matched Betting Calculator

  • Balance Sheet - This helps manage withdrawals and current balances

  • Mug Bets

  • Bingo

  • Refund Attempts

  • Statement Check - I used this spare page to add up my bank statements and ensure they matched my overall profit figure

The spreadsheet contains instructions on how to use it which can be deleted once understood. 

If you have any questions regarding the matched betting spreadsheet or matched betting calculator please leave a comment below 


Why use a Matched Betting Calculator?

A Matched Betting Calculator is used to calculate the optimal bet we need to place to maximise profits. 

It comes in 2 parts:

  • Qualifier Bet Calculator

  • Free Bet Calculator

The names are self-explanatory as to what they provide. You will need both for matched betting. 

It should be noted that Betfair Exchange take 5% commission whereas Smarkets take 2% commission. This can make a big difference over time so I would always recommend Smarkets, I have used both and see no difference besides the commission.


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