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Is Matched Betting Legal In The UK?

Alongside, "Is Matched Betting a Scam?", "Is Matched Betting Legal In The UK?" is certainly up there with one of the most frequently asked questions regarding matched betting.


I was the exact same when I first started looking into the system, I was sceptical to say the least, surely matched betting is too good to be true? Is there a catch with matched betting?

It is worth confirming right now that matched betting is 100% legal so you have nothing to worry about. The systems works and although frowned upon by bookmakers (understandably!), it is legal.


What do Bookmakers think?

"Graham Sharpe, from William Hill, says the industry does not have a problem with matched betting. "There's no illegal element," he says. "It's a free bet and you can do what you like.""

Is this a bet you can't lose? (Telegraph, 2010)

Whilst the above quote suggests bookmakers are okay with matched betting, they're really not. Bookmakers hate matched betting as it takes value from them and in the long run costs them money! There are terms and conditions on every bookmaker offer which state, using Betfred as an example:

" reserves the right to withhold any free bet payment if it believes that the promotion has been abused and/or where the terms of the offer are not fulfilled, or any irregular betting patterns are found. The decision of the management is final."

Betfred T&C's Rule 14 (Betfred, 2018)


It sounds a little risky, but the chances of the bookmaker identifying your first bet as suspicious is very slim! Over time, bookmakers can review your betting patterns and make decisions on whether or not you are a regular punter. As you can imagine, if you are betting on every promotion and always betting on Argentinian Reserves B League this will raise flags and eventually the bookmaker will "gub" your account.


"Gubbing" is the term used when a bookmaker restricts your account from promotions and limits your maximum betting stake.

Gubbing can be avoided through techniques that can be found within the Forum Area.


These techniques will help ensure you keep the profits coming in and are very important!

Any questions? Please leave a comment below! Ready to go? Click the button below to activate your FREE trial!

Take a look at the Review HERE. Learn the PROS and CONS of matched betting!


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