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Is Matched Betting still worth it in 2023?

Common questions I get asked when it comes to Matched Betting is Is Matched Betting still worth it? Is still worth it? As Matched Betting continues to gather interest it's natural to assume the bookmakers are getting better at blocking the system. Let's break this down into two sections as both have different answers

Sign Up Offers

In short, 100% these are worth it! With over 80 bookmakers offering sign up bonuses you'd be MAD not to take these quick wins. It is very hard to identify someone as a matched bettor based on one or two initial bets so these offers are not only safe, but also a guaranteed free bet is waiting at the end. Only downside here being that you can only do sign up offers once per account, so once they're done, they're done!

Reload/Existing Customer Offers


This one is more down to opinion as it isn't as clear cut.

I remember back around 2015, I used to spend my Saturdays hitting the Bet365 Horse Racing reload offer which was "Bet up to £50 and if your horse comes 2nd you get £50 to use on the next race" along with "£25 free bet if your horse comes 2nd" from the likes of Ladbrokes and William Hill.

These were highly lucrative offers and it was definitely worth it! It feels over time that bookmakers are a lot more cautious and tight-fisted these days. There are certainly offers out there to be hit, but when you start relying on betting £25 to get a £5 free bet each week (SkyBet) you can see how many of these you would have to stack up to make it worthwhile.

So is Matched Betting worth it...?

In short, YES! But maybe the reload/existing customer offers aren't quite what they used to be. By all means hit them as money is money, but for some it may simply not worth the time spent. My advice here would be to run through the sign up offers and then look at running through it with friends accounts and look at reload offers later on when you've ran out of sign up offer opportunities.

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